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Hi, I am Mr Sanders and I would love to answer any questions you may have about wood floor restoration or maintenance.

  • A Quinn

    Croydon, 2015

    Can You Help With Restoration of Stairs and Banisters?

    Is it possible to sand and revarnish my wooden stairs and banisters?


    • Mr Sanders

      Yes, we would be more than happy to help with the restoration of your stairs and banisters.Bear in mind that stairs and banisters restoration is a more time consuming compared to restoration of other areas of wooden flooring as majority of the work needs to be done manually. It also requires a great deal of care and attention to details, therefore it is always a good idea to leave this to a rpofessional floor sanding company liek FloorWorks instead of trying to do it yourself.



  • K Reeds

    Bromley, 2016

    Can Staining Be Done on Wooden Stairs?

    Can stairs be stained to match the colour of the rest of my wooden flooring?

    • Mr Sanders

      Yes, staining can be performed on any wooden flooring including stairs. Once the area is sanded to a smooth finish we can apply several samples of different colours on your stairs so you can choose the colour that best matches teh rest of your flooring.

      I hope that this helps.