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Hi, I am Mr Sanders and I would love to answer any questions you may have about wood floor restoration or maintenance.

  • S Ridge

    Romford, 2014

    Can You Replace Fireplace Heart To Extend My Parquet Flooring?

    My parquet flooring needs sanding and varnishing, but in one of the rooms I have a fireplace which I want to remove and replace with similar parquet blocks. Can this be done?

    • Mr Sanders

      Hi and thank you for your question regarding parquet flooring restoration and fireplace heart removal.

      Fireplace removal and parquet floor extension with matching parquet blocks is definitely something we can help with. Once the fireplace heart is removed, we will restitch the parquet flooring and once sanded  and revarnish the floors will be left with an uniform appearance as if the fireplace had never been there before.

  • B Keith

    Romford, 2017

    Can I Install Underfloor Heating Under Engineered Flooring?

    I am planning to install engineered wood flooring in my house, but I am also considering to put underfloor heating. Are the two compatable and is this possible at all?

    • Mr Sanders


      Underfloor heating is ideally installed under engineered wood flooring with a click installation system. This allows for the floating installation of the engineered floorboards, without the need of gluing down or nailing down. Engineered floors have been specifically designed to withstand temperature and colour variations and are therefore perfect choice for homes with underfloor heating.


  • P Lacey

    Barking, 2018

    Is It Possible To Sand and Oil My 3-Strip Engineered Wood Flooring?

    Hi. I have 3-strip engineered oak floor, which I am plannind to sand and re-oil. I wonder if this is possible at all as I am not sure if it has been sanded before or not. I am also considering staining it to a different colour. Thank you

    • Mr Sanders

      Hi and thank you for contacting us regarding sanding, staining and re-oiling your three-strip engineered wood flooring.

      Most three-strip engineered floorings come with 3mm top layer of solid wood, which means that they can be sanded only once. So the first thing that you need to do is make sure that your flooring has never been sanded before.

      Given that your floors would allow for another sanding, it is perfectly possible to change the colour of the natural oak by using coloured oils. A huge variety of colours are available from the Osmo Oils range, which we highly recommend and which we regularly use for our restoration of oiled floors services.


  • K Reeds

    Bromley, 2016

    Can Staining Be Done on Wooden Stairs?

    Can stairs be stained to match the colour of the rest of my wooden flooring?

    • Mr Sanders

      Yes, staining can be performed on any wooden flooring including stairs. Once the area is sanded to a smooth finish we can apply several samples of different colours on your stairs so you can choose the colour that best matches teh rest of your flooring.

      I hope that this helps.


  • A Quinn

    Croydon, 2015

    Can You Help With Restoration of Stairs and Banisters?

    Is it possible to sand and revarnish my wooden stairs and banisters?


    • Mr Sanders

      Yes, we would be more than happy to help with the restoration of your stairs and banisters.Bear in mind that stairs and banisters restoration is a more time consuming compared to restoration of other areas of wooden flooring as majority of the work needs to be done manually. It also requires a great deal of care and attention to details, therefore it is always a good idea to leave this to a rpofessional floor sanding company liek FloorWorks instead of trying to do it yourself.