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Stairs Sanding & Banisters Restoration

The process of staircase and banister sanding is a bit slow because you can only use small tools and the majority of the work has to be done by hand. It is an intense and time consuming job that requires a lot of patience. As such, it should be done by a professional floor sanding company with experienced specialists equipped properly for the task ahead.

Restoring a Staircase

 It is possible to sand your stairs multiple times in order to restore their natural look. The majority of the stairs we work upon are covered by carpets. People seem to be afraid that the bare wood is vulnerable to wear and tear but this is simply not true. Despite the high traffic in the area, a modern polyurethane lacquer can provide decent level of protection.

If you have a carpet on top of your stairs, it has to be removed in order to reveal the treads and risers below it. The carpet itself is held by nailed down grippers. Before attempting to do anything else, we always make sure that stairs are properly fixed and secured. If there are any damaged or broken parts, we salvage what we can and provide similar quality substitutes for those we can’t.

 Small hand sanders are the perfect choice if you simply want us to strip the stairs without touching the banisters. Unfortunately, when it comes to the banisters, most of the work has to be done by hand and as you can imagine - it is a time consuming process.

We sand multiple times with different sandpaper grits in order to smooth the surface entirely. Of course, between each round all the accumulated dust has to be removed to prevent scratching. Next step on the road is staircase staining. It is fairly easy process similar to the one used for floors. As always, we can provide you with wide variety of high-quality products to fit you design choices. The last thing left to do now is to applying the finish and allowing it to dry. Unless you are after the old, more authentic look, we advise to use lacquers instead of oils because they offer better protection. Purely for banisters, though, oils are probably the better choice since they are easier to maintain and remove.

 Banister Sanding, Staining and Finishing

Restoring your wooden floors and stairs is all well and good. However, if you renovate them, why not go all the way and make sure your banisters are also taken care of? They complement the staircase look and the appearance is very important for your interior design.

In most cases, banisters are round shaped and relatively small. They often contain ornaments and complicated designs which makes them hard to renovate. This is one of those tasks where the help of professional can make a huge difference in the result. While being labor and time consuming process, banister restoration will bring back the natural beauty of the stairs and make them great addition to the interior they were meant to be.

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