Your Home is Safe with Us

What Measures We Take To Protect Your Home During Our Sanding Service

How We Protect Your Home During Our Sanding Service

Our technicians are qualified professionals who take care of things expertly. They undertake several measures that assure you great tranquility, peace of mind, and service excellence while the restoration or sanding process for the floor takes place.

Bona DCS - Dust Extraction System

Once our technicians come to your home, they will ensure that the place where you desire to install the floor is free of any type of furniture. In this regard, our technicians will provide exceptional support with help in moving out larger furniture and take them out from the rooms quickly. In case, there are furniture items in the room while the process of sanding takes place, our qualified experts will ensure to sand your floor in divisions or parts.

In addition, our technicians are thoroughly instructed by the company to use polythene dust sheets in order to protect the floor from dust, dirt, walls, doors, paintings, furniture or any other item that can hinder the process of sanding.

We use polythene sheets to seal stairs, entrances, to prevent them from dust. Although our floor sanding service is completely dust-free, it is important to know that some procedures can produce a small amount of dust, for instance, stairs stripping and sanding, and manual refinishing wooden panels’ corners.

In addition, we make sure to use low-tack masking tape. They are good items in preventing the damage, color, or scratches to beadings, skirting boards, doors, walls, door frames, as well as the fireplaces. The use of masking tapes is significant while our qualified technicians are carrying out the process of sanding. Usually, the standard tape is made up of paper. While working with the masking tape, our team is prepared to take risks.

For instance, during the process of finishing, when we apply stain or lacquer, it is worth knowing that the lacquer or stain can affect the surface under the tape. Another drawback of using masking tape is having strong tack adhesion, which can significantly cause adhesive residues to remain on the floor surface. It can like to damage the finished skirting boards.

Moreover, our floor restoration service can give you 99% dust-control on various occasions. It is because we are keen on using dust-free machinery and/or equipment. For instance, we use the Bona DCS system for larger areas. Generally, you should not worry about the dust because our professionals use state-of-the-art and quality vacuum cleaners that can remove any excess of dirt/dust after the process of restoration.

So, as you can see that we use all these aforementioned protective measures before and after the process of sanding, the end result is a great finish. We provide a stress-free wood floor renovation and this is a great advantage you get while you avail our company reliable sanding services.

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