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Floor Restoration for Restaurants & Pubs

Everyone has their favorite restaurant where they like to go for whatever reason. What really draws them there is the sense of nostalgia and the fond memories they have, isn’t it? They say that small things are the ones that make life truly worth living. And small things often have quite the impact without us even releasing it.

The atmosphere can be the one factor deciding whether or not an establishment is a success or not. This is what a client seeks upon entering a restaurant. Sometimes a person just wants to relax, to feel good about himself or something in his life. Others use expensive restaurants to make their business deals or to have a romantic dinner. Nothing wrong with that, either. However, the most important thing again…is the atmosphere. A proper atmosphere is combination of many things and a fine wooden floor can be one factor seriously contributing to it. Refinish that floor, keep it clean and attractive, show your customers how much you value the time they spend in your restaurant and you will surely profit in the process!

When it comes to flooring in restaurants, there are a few common problems – food and water spills, high amounts of wear and tear due to busy traffic as well as the marks left from furniture like chairs and tables. All of those problems can be taken care of with a good sanding! In fact, due the constant stream of customers, the process must be performed every few months if you truly want to have a flawless looking establishment which your clients will enjoy visiting.

Customer Tailored Sanding Services

We can make our flooring experts available for night or weekend shifts in order to make our services suitable for every business. Our company is a well-established one with a lot of satisfied customers across London and the surrounding areas and those are not empty words. We have become respected and successful because we understand the needs of our clients the way the restaurant managers understand their own customers.

Don’t forget to inform the buildings in a close proximity. Since the wood floor sanding is quite a noisy procedure and it may affect their business. Our company relies on highly skilled and trained floor fitters, the more people we have on site, the larger areas can be done in a single day. Our daily capacity of sanded floors can go up to 250 sqm for unfinished and about 120 sqm for finished floors.

Our flooring service comes with obligation free site visit, quick quotations and free advice. Call our team on 020 38838044 for more information and advice. A member of our staff will be happy to help you.