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Parquet Floor Sanding & Restoration

Parquetry is a hardwood flooring type with incredibly rich history. It has been decorating palaces and royal residences for centuries. It has become a symbol of style and luxury reserved only for the rich and powerful. Now you have it in your own home! It is something valuable that must be preserved. The best way to do that by sanding regularly.

Professional Parquet Floor Restoration

Parquet floor sanding is not exactly easy. It takes skill and experience to perform it properly. Why? Well, the intricate design of parquet patterns is certainly interesting and unique but complicates the refinishing process. Since the parquet blocks face different directions, the resurfacing process is often rather difficult. It way too easy to strip too much wood from certain blocks while leaving others almost untouched. You need practice and knowledge to execute this properly. Thankfully, Wood Floor Sanding Co is right there to help you out. We have plenty of trained specialists capable of handling almost any problem you can have. We are there for you.

How Can We Assist You?

As already stated, the nature of the sanding process for parquet installations is a bit more complicated. However, we can do more than just sand. A complete parquet restoration is much more involving. It includes repair and replacement of old blocks, multiple rounds of sanding with different equipment and sandpaper grits, gap-filling any empty spaces between the blocks, staining with a colour of choice and finishing to provide sufficient level of protection to the surface.

First, we can take care of any old or missing tiles and replace them with matching new ones. In addition, our professional equipment will reduce the dust to a minimum which will make it much easier to clean after everything is completed.

Second, we always recommend to accompany the sanding with a gap-filling procedure because they work so well together. The process consists of mixing the collected dust from the sanding with resin wood filler and filling the larger gaps. Any filler left on the floor will be completely removed with the final polishing round.

Third, depending on your taste, we can provide excellent parquet staining services and find just the right color for your flooring. Colour matching requires a lot of time and experience to pick up. Amateur attempts quite often lead to disasters.

Fourth, we can provide you with expert advice on what kind of finish will be most suitable for your parquetry. If you need help, we are always happy to assist. Usually, people prefer to go for water-based and solvent based lacquers or hard wax oil in a variety of colours. Each has their advantages but the choice is entirely up to you. We work with the best wood flooring companies in the business like Osmo, Junckers and Bona. The products and materials provided by said manufacturers help us turn your old parquetry into a thing of beauty. With the right kind of treatment, it will be completely transformed and we are the people for the job!

Don’t forget to leave the floors for 12 hours before bringing back the furniture into the room.