Commercial Floor Restoration

Schools, Offices, Church Halls & Food Establishments

Commercial Floor Restoration Services

Floor sanding services for Schools, Offices, Church Halls & Food Establishments

Our complete set of floor sanding services covers all residential and commercial needs. Our services are designed not only for floors but people as well.

Here are some benefits, which our service include at no extra charge:

Works With Flexible Timing

We can schedule our visits according to your availability and needs. As long as we have planned it in advance, our service can take one or more breaks to accommodate other works or weekend breaks.

Available 7 Days & Nights A Week

We understand for every business, closing times for refurbishments can be a trading loss. Therefore, in most cases we will not amend our quotes if night shifts are required.

Key Collection and Drop Service

We understand sometimes there are more than one things to deal at the same time. Therefore we offer convenience of collecting keys for your property and returning on completion at no extra charge.

Complete Large Areas in Short Time

This is only possible with our the amount of floor sanding equipment equipment we are able to deploy. For larger scale project, where speedy completion is highly essential, we will be able to deliver higher number of staff and equipment.

100% Dust-Free Equipment

Utilising latest Bona equipment which connects through Bona's "Dust Conteminating System" units with Hepa filters, we can provide 100% dust-free sanding environment. This can be particularly useful in museums, galleries and other dust sensitive environments.