Engineered Wood Floor Sanding

We can restore any engineered wood with 3 mm top layer or over

Engineered Floor Sanding

We work with all popular brands - Kahrs, Boen, QuickStep, Elka

Sanding an engineered floor is certainly a lot tougher than most other types of hardwood and the reason is simple - Engineered boards consist mostly of plywood with relatively thin hardwood veneer on top. The veneer is usually between 3 mm and 6 mm and is the only part of the floor suitable for sanding. Once this layer is gone, the floor is ruined forever. As you can imagine, this complicates the sanding process quite a bit because it’s hard to tell just how much of a veneer is left at any given moment.

Flooring experts are always extremely wary when asked to renovate an engineered floor. Some may even refuse to sand certain surfaces because they fear there is too little hardwood left. There are also those that do not understand how to handle such a task and attempt to strip regardless of dangers. Needless to say, it doesn’t work out very well for them. No, sanding an engineered wood is a work for professionals. Professionals like those in Wood Floor Sanding Co!

Wood Flooring Experts

Do you remember the old saying ‘A Bird In The Hand Is Worth Two In The Bush?’ Engineered floor sanding is not for everyone. You can look at the prices for such a service and say ‘No, not for me! I better hire machines and do it myself.’ Maybe you are right. Who can blame you for wanting to save some money? Then again, you could be wrong. Let us explain why. Every time you strip part of the top layer of an engineered floor, you slightly shorten its life. Even if you manage to complete the task reasonably well, the chances are you’ve removed more than a specialist would. When it comes the next time to sand your floor, you will find out there isn’t that much left to strip. Call a professional and you will be able to use his services without fear of losing your floor. Attempt to do it yourself and you risk that there won’t be a next time.

There is also another detail. As experts in our craft, we have worked on countless wooden surfaces. When we see your engineered floor, we can easily determine its manufacturer, the type of timber used and the preferred type of finish. This allows us to always use the products and techniques which will provide the best possible results. Our help essentially allows you to breathe without worry something will go wrong, without confusion and most of all – without regrets!

Did You Know?

  • Staining is not recommended for engineered floors with 3 mm top layer. Due to the aging of floors and some minor differences in level, the floor sanding equipment may take a bit more of the top layer in some areas than other, causing uneven thickness of the top layer. That effectively can result uneven absorbance of the stain applied causing inconsistancy of colour throughout the floors.

  • Sanding grooved flooring with clearly not a perfect level, may end up with uneven depth of the grooving throughout. Considering removal of the groove completely by the sanding service is recommended.

  • Engineered floors like hardwood floors in many cases could be installed with beading on the perimeter to cover the expansion gap required for wooden floors. As preserving the beading from scratching during the sanding of the floors is almost impossible, replacement of the beading after the sanding is completed will provide better end results.

  • Sometimes, a cheaper and quicker wood floor re-oiling service can save the hassle of floor sanding if called in at the right time, not too late. React on first signs of sealant wearing.

  • Some Kahrs flooring products come with 1 mm top venner. These products although classified by their manufacturer as engineered are beyond restoration. These products can be easily confused with normal engineered products.

Restoring Boen and Kahrs Flooring

The world famous brands Kahrs and Boen are known for their 15 mm, click system engineered floors. Restoring such surfaces requires knowledge and experience not everyone possesses. Rest assured that we are familiar with the work of most if not all major manufacturers and we know how to treat their creations properly.

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