Dustless Floor Sanding

Restoration of Hardwood, Parquet Flooring & Original Floorboards

Wood Floor Sanding

Floor sanding service, which delivers a high quality finish takes years to master. It is useless to say that we have been busy over the last decade and busier today in mastering these skills and now, as an established company we can say with confidence our service offers the best wood floor sanding in London.

Floor Sanding Edges

These years of devoted to refinishing and the positive feedback from our customers have transformed us into a professional floor sanding company that you won’t find anywhere else. Our highly skilled floor fitters have mastered the procedure to perfection, which guarantees your wood floors are on track to former glory.

Wood floor sanding relies on specialists equipment, which removes the top layer and creates a new smooth floor surface, ready to be sealed by lacquer or oil based sealants. Our services use latest dust-free equipment from Bona - world leader in manufacturing tools and product for wood floor renovation. 

Sometimes your floors may need repairs to be carried out prior to floor sanding. Our services come with free onsite consultation and we will be able to advise if repairs may be required and if matching floor planks or parquet flooring blocks can be supplied.

Original Floorboards Restoration

Restoration of the original pine floorboards we find in most Victorian and Edwardian properties today in London and across UK has become a fashion and trend. The reason for this is that aged pine floorboards have a special charisma and can resemble the look of other popular species such as oak and walnut. They provide as well a healthier environment, compared to carpets.

Our floorboards sanding service comes with a whole lot of additional extras such us gap filling (for gaps up to 10 mm), insulation fitting between joists, refitting of floor boards, replacement of floor boards with matching seasoned pine, sealing in lacquer and sealing in hardwax-oil.

Parquet Flooring Restoration

Sanding parquet flooring can be a serious challenge to every floor men. As one of the busiest companies in laying and sanding parquet flooring blocks today in London, there is much we can show in achieving silky-smooth finish on this treasured type of property asset.

Our parquet floor restoration service comes with repairs using matching size and age blocks in various timbers such as oak, maple, merbau, walnut, teak, beech, pitch pine, douglas fir and others. If you are worried how we will deal with missing pieces on your floor, or replace damaged by leak area - just leave it to us and we will find the best solution for your parquet flooring.

We have restored hundreds of mosaic pannels and parquet in herringbone and basket weave patterns.

Engineered Floor Sanding

With the increasing popularity of engineered wood flooring it has become more vital for the floor men to be able to identify and distinguish these products from solid wood flooring. Sanding engineered wood floors is a matter of udnerstanding the industry standards and knowing how coarse the sanding can go.

Some products, classified as engineered on market may have insufficient thickness of the real wood top layer and others, such as products with 2.5 - 3 mm top layer can be restored only to a clear finish. Staining of such floors may cause unevenness in the colour, due to the thinner top layer.

Rest assured that these are all things in full command with our engineered floor sanding service and professional advice.

Hardwood Floor Sanding

Hardwood floors are timeless, they are classics adding touch of warmth and tradition to every home. Sanding hardwood flooring has always been a pleasure to every floor man.

We offer staining, gap filling and solid wood floor repairs together this restoration service.

Sealing, Staining & Re-Oiling

Our service comes with quality hardwearing lacquers and oil based products. Of course, always with our free advice as well.

All our quotes are based on products by leading floor finishing manufacturers - Junckers lacquers, Bona lacquers and Osmo Polyx hardwax-oils. All these products offer durability and commercial level of hardwearing. They include waterbased, low VOC products, as well as some traditional solvent based lacquers and cover ExtraMatt, Matt, Satin and Gloss sheens.

Some new products, have been specifically designed to bring the best of both Lacquered and Oiled finishes in one, as well as to provide a truly natural, barewood effects.

In the range of wood stains coming with our wood floor staining service we have included all products Morrells, Blanchon, Bona and Junckers. They provide a pallete of colours, enough to create a world of colours.

As a floor sanding company, we do quite a bit of maintenance of oiled floors. Re-oiling of wooden floors as as simple as it can get with our buffing, polishing and re-oiling service.

If you find that information useful, but you have more questions or need advice, call our customer service on 02038838044 to ask any questions or to book a free site visit. A member of our team will be happy to help!