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We repair any type of wooden Floors

Wood Floor Repairs

Your wood floors are in good hands with us! Whether they have a scratch, water leak or are poorly fit, just contact a member of our team and they will be able to advice you on the best service for your floor.

With years of experience and devoted work, our floor sanding company provides you with high quality wood floor repair service not only for the domestic area but for the commercial as well. We can secure any loose floorboards and replace those that are damaged. If there are any gaps we can fill them depending on their size with either a mixture of wood dust and resin or wood slivers.

The method of installation together with the availability of given product, would make any local repair possible.

Original Floorboards Repairs

Historic homes with original floorboards require a delicate touch to maintain their character and integrity. Our original floorboards repair service specializes in the meticulous restoration of these historic floors.

Original Floorboards Replacement

Our repair services offer professional restoration and maintenance of your original floorboards. Our experienced team can address a variety of issues, including gaps, squeaks, cracks, and loose floorboards. We use reclaimed and seasoned pine timber and advanced techniques to ensure seamless repairs that blend perfectly with your existing floor.

Whether your floorboards need minor touch-ups or extensive repairs, we provide efficient, reliable service to restore the beauty and functionality of your hardwood floors, enhancing the overall aesthetic and value of your home.

Parquet Flooring Repairs

Parquet flooring is known for its intricate and elegant patterns, which can add a touch of sophistication to any space. However, due to its detailed design, parquet flooring requires specialized care when it comes to repairs.

Parquet flooring repairs

Our parquet flooring repair service offers expert restoration to any intricate parquet floors - herringbone, mosaics even versaille panels. Our skilled technicians are experienced in fixing loose or damaged blocks, gaps, and cracks. We use new and reclaimed timber material and precise techniques to ensure that repairs are seamless and match the original design. Whether your parquet floor requires minor touch-ups or extensive repairs, our professional team delivers meticulous and reliable service, restoring the beauty and elegance of your parquet flooring while enhancing the overall value and aesthetic of your home.

Solid Wood Floor Repairs

Hardwood floors are a timeless choice, known for their durability and natural beauty. Over time, however, they can suffer from scratches, dents, gaps, and even water damage. Our solid wood floor repair service is designed to tackle these issues with expertise and care. Our experienced technicians use top-quality materials and proven techniques to seamlessly blend repairs with your existing flooring. Whether your solid wood floor needs minor touch-ups or significant repairs, we deliver professional and reliable service to rejuvenate your floors, enhancing the overall aesthetic and value of your home.

Engineered Wood Floor Repairs

Engineered wood flooring combines the beauty of natural wood with enhanced stability and resistance to moisture. However, it can still suffer from wear and tear over time. Our engineered wood flooring repair service is designed to address issues such as scratches, dents, and surface damage. Our technicians use specialized materials and techniques to ensure that repairs are seamless and blend perfectly with your existing flooring. Whether your engineered wood floor requires minor repairs or more extensive restoration, our team provides efficient and reliable service to keep your floors looking their best.