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Solid Wood Floor Repairs

Solid Wood Floor Repairs

Solid wood floors are a treasure for every home; they are not only a beautiful part of the interior but also a valuable addition which adds resale value to the whole property. The appeal of natural, organic material such as solid wood is undeniable. A properly maintained solid wood surface can last up to several hundred years. A vinyl or laminate will serve you for some good twenty- thirty years depending on the conditions and after that it has to go. Notice that when discussing solid wood, we emphasised on ‘proper maintenance’. This means that having a beautiful and long-lasting flooring solution is great but it will only stay that way if you take proper care of it.

We have said it many times before and we will say it again. The health of your solid wood floor is determined not only by its resistance to the elements, the condition of its finish or how well it is nailed to the joists. It also depends on its overall thickness. As long as you can sand and strip worn or damaged surface, your solid wood planks will be a great investment. Scratches, stains, burns, spills – all of those can be removed with the help of a flooring specialist.

Our company can offer you a replacement of damaged boards with ones with the same grade and type of wood. However, in order to ensure that the process is properly done, you can trust an experienced company which will ensure that the process is planned thoroughly, with the use of high-quality machinery, a wide variety of replacement flooring products and most importantly - sufficient experience to provide the desired results. Wood Floor Sanding Co can guarantee a very satisfying outcome.

What, When and How to Repair?

Do you know what’s the first rule when trying to repair something, wooden floor or not? Don’t simply try to fix it, find the source of the damage and deal with so it never appears again. Many DIY enthusiasts attempt to restore their floors all alone. Some even succeed. Unfortunately, often this is only a patch-up job. The problem reappears again a few months after and all the effort so far seems to be for nought. For example, if you have cupped planks, this is likely caused by excessive moisture. You can easily replace the damaged parts but the source of the problem stays. This why we usually send surveyors for a free site visit and quote. They cannot make a thorough inspection which requires a lot of time and preparation but can certainly give you a rough idea what is going on. If you think you need our assistance, we send our floor restoration specialists next. They can make a detailed inspection of your floor’s condition and determine what is the proper course of action. This is the real benefit of using a floor sanding company for the task. Professionals always know what are they doing. There are no unknowns, no uncertainties and no doubts.

If you have any questions regarding our repairs of solid wood floors service; please contact us on 02038838044 and a member of our team will be happy to advise you.