Original Floorboards Repairs

We Use Only Reclaimed & Seasoned Pine

Floorboards Repairs

We replace old victorian / Edwardian original floorboards with such of the same age

Wood is a hygroscopic material. It expands and contracts constantly over the course of its life due to changes in moisture and temperature. This is a natural process that cannot truly be stopped. Sadly, it is also an activity leading to slow wearing while also bringing a variety of problems with it. Some of the most common ones are squeaking, gaps, lack of dimensional stability, buckling and warping. There are many problems which can trouble the floor boards and the solutions are just as many. Loose pieces can be nailed down, broken ones can probably be repaired given certain circumstances and those which can’t, will have to be completely replaced.

You Have Damaged or Missing Floorboards?

Our floor man can take care of them! We are partnered with suppliers of reclaimed floor boards, solid wood and parquet. Finding the perfect match, with a similar wood type, age and colour can sometimes be challenging but we are confident in our ability to provide a quality replacement for any broken or damaged floor boards. The result will surpass your expectations and you won't even notice where the old end and the ones begin.

Expert Repair Services

Don't try and repair floor boards by yourself because you may find the results not to be to your liking. Trust an experienced company with a well-established name, instead. We can provide you with an excellent service and our many happy clients are a testimony to this fact. Our floor men are fully-licensed with an appropriate machinery and skills to take a good care of your floor boards.

We offer many kinds of floor repair services in accordance with your demand and needs – From replacing floor boards and staining, to gap filling, wood floor sanding and sealing, Wood Floor Sanding Co can assure you that all of our jobs are completed with a cutting-edge technology and quality flooring products in the hands of true experts. We've been around for many years thanks to the support of our loyal customers who know they can depend on us to perform a top job.

Repairs, the First Step On the Road to Restoration

You can never achieve perfectly uniform looking floor without making sure you have a stable base. Floor board repairs are the basics upon which this can be achieved. It is only after everything is nailed or screwed down that the sanding process can begin and with it – the complete transformation so sorely needed. There is hope for even the most distressed surface as long as the elements forming it are not rotten, worm-eaten or way too thin to support the weight of those walking upon it. We can offer you a high-quality service at competitive prices. With our assistance, your floor boards will not only last but look attractive for many more years to come!

Our floor board repair service comes with free site visit, free advice and quotation. Call us on 0800 0239197 or 020 38838044 and a member of our team will be happy to assist you!