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Hardwood floors are among the most expensive on the market. Despite this, they also remain one of the most popular flooring solution today. Why? Probably the biggest reason for this is that it is a natural product. Most of the synthetic alternatives are often much cheaper but they imitate something they truly aren’t. Why go for a fake if you can have the real thing even if you pay more for it? Another important reason is possibility of refinishing. If the surface gets worn simply sand and apply a coat of a brand new finish, Can you even make a difference between what it looks like now and the way it did upon purchase? Probably not. There are solid wood floors on several hundred years! As you can imagine, they have returned the money invested in them several times over and outlived a generation or two. Now that’s value for money!

Unfortunately, as long lasting as they are, no wooden floor will look good forever.  And looking good is tightly related to being in good condition. The only way to make sure your solid is both healthy and attractive is to sand it regularly after a certain period of time.

Solid wood floors are made from a single piece of timber while engineered ones consist of multiple layers of plywood with veneer on top. Both are considered hardwood surfaces. The main advantage of the solid wood variation is the fact it can be sanded regularly and relatively often compared to the alternative. The ability to refinish as often as needed is what actually makes this type of flooring attractive! If you don’t use the opportunity to sand every time you can, you don’t make full use of your purchase.

The Right People for the Right Job

Floor sanding is not one of the activities which leave room for error and every mistake can cost you a significant amount of money. The best way to ensure the restoration of your floor goes smoothly and without trouble is to hire flooring specialist. If you’ve never attempted to sand a floor don’t try experimenting. Sometimes it is better to let others do a task for you instead of relying on yourself, failing multiple times and in the end still seeking professional help.

Our hardwood floor sanding service is quite popular with schools, gyms, sport halls, museums and office premises. Among the flooring types we have refinished are the most popular and not so popular species - oak, walnut, maple, ash, merbau, jarrah, teak and more.

Junckers Flooring Restoration

We also carry repairs and restoration of Junckers hardwood floors. In order to properly execute such a project, you must have knowledge and a bit of experience working with the unique click system created by the company. The sanding procedure itself isn’t that much different from the ones undergone by most other solid wood floors. Unfortunately, you cannot sand on broken or unstable boards and the method of replacing them is the tricky part.

Our floor sanding experts had years of experience in handling all kinds of distressed and worn floors. We can sand and refinish any surface in a fast, easy and efficient manner. We serve both domestic and commercial renovation projects of any size and employ high quality dust-free equipment capable of disposing of the majority of the sawdust accumulated during the process. As a Junckers approved contractors, we are fully qualified to assist with the installation, restoration and maintaining of their products as well.


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