Dust-free Floor Sanding Services

Dust-free Floor Sanding Services

Dust-free Floor Sanding Services

If you were worried that cleaning up after your wood floor restoration service of your hardwood floors will take hours of your time, you can rest assured it will not. When sanding the floors of your home, we use the Bona equipment which captures the dust. On some target-critical project we employ in use the Bona Dust Control System, which captures 99% of the dust making sure that shelves, appliances, curtains, and furniture do not need to be covered before sanding process. In fact, due to the Hepa filter used in Bona DCS 70 air released from the sanding is of better quality and fewer toxins.

Sanding floors has always been a dusty job. The Bona Dust Control System has changed this for good, thanks to three new innovative components. The first is the company’s patented two-phase cyclonic entry system. This ultra-vacuum cleaner connects to the sander and sucks the dust before it even has a chance to mix with the air or fall to the ground.

The second is a Hepa filter for medical use that separates the harmful dust invisible to the human eye and releases 99.99% of clean air. The final component is our exceptional antistatic abrasive. Unlike traditional abrasives, the dust it generates has no static charge, which makes dust particles less fixed to surfaces, and easier to remove. With the Bona Dust Care system, the end of the dust came!

Other arguments: The microscopic dust particles generated during the refinishing remain airbourne in the room days after the floor works. Recent research shows a link between exposure to long-term wood dust and some forms of cancer. Why risk your health if you already have the option of a dust-free floor sanding service?

The dust that remains after the floor restoration service can result in an uneven and dull finish. Renovation without dust is also advantageous in this regard: as wood dust never has the possibility of remaining on the ground, the finish is applied on a cleaner surface, and so the only thing that will remain is a beautiful and sensational floor. But do not be convinced only with our words, check it yourself, seeing references from other homes.

For dust-free floor sanding, we follow instructions:

  1. We make sure suction is always connected (where possible) to our restoration equipment

  2. To obtain a better result and free of dust, we use the Bona DCS70 or Bona S20 vacuum cleaners

  3. To ensure that no area is left without sanding and others are sanding excessively, it is often convenient to wear an appropriate pattern.

  4. We can reduce dust, by using appropriate abrasives.

  5. For 100% protection we can seal areas off with polythene dust-sheets.

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