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Lilst of Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Do You Provide Free Quotations?

    Yes. We do free site surveys to take measurnments and to assess your floors. Following the site visit we would send you a free and no-obligation quotation for wood floor restoration within 48 hours. You can book a free site visit either over the phone or online.

    To book a site visit or get advice please call 0800 0239197 or 020 38838044.

  • Can You Visit My Property For a Site Survey?

    Yes. For the convenience of our customers we do free site surveys 7 days a week. We then send out our floor restoration free quotations within 48 hours following the site visit.

    There is no obligation to book our services, however, most of our customers do proceed to booking with us. At our site surveys we provide detailed intomation and make a note of any specific requirements about your wood floor restoration you may have.

    To book a free site visit or to get advice please call 0800 0239197 or 020 38838044.

  • How To Provide Feedback on Your Floor Restoration Service?

    We always strive to please our customers and this is our main priority. So, if we please you, please tell others. If for whatever reson we do not manage to do it, please tell us! We value your feedback and we carefully listen to any comment you may. You can either contact us via our Customer Feedback Page.

     To book a site visit or to speak to us please call 0800 0239197 or 020 38838044.

  • How Can I Pay for Your Floor Restoration Service?

    There are several payment methods that we accept. Payment for our floor sanding and refinishing services is required on the day of completion. You can pay in Cash, by Cheque, by BACS or using your Debit/Credit Card.


  • Is There A Minimum Charge for Your Services?

    Yes, as per our Terms & Conditions there is a minimum charge per booking, which varies on type of services. Please, see our Price Guide for more information.

  • Can I Book Floor Sanding Service and Go on a Holiday?

    While we do offer key collection and return service, we strongly advise that either yourself or a representative on your behalf is available during the course of floor restoration services. Also, please note that while we take all reasonable care to ensure that your property is safe and secure, we are not responsible for guarding your property, particularly when there are other builders on site. Therefore, please make sure that you discuss any particular arrangements with us in advance if you are planning to be away during a floor sanding service.

  • Do You Have an Insurance for Your Floor Restoration Service?

    Yes. Your floors are safe with us - we have a comprehensive Public Liability and Treatment Risk insurance with a limit of £5,000,000.


  • Does Your Service Guarantee Cover All of Your Floor Restoration Services?

    Our Service Guarantee covers all floor restoration services provided by us except the limitations and exclusions as described in our Terms & Conditions. This gives you a piece of mind knowing that your floors are in safe hands.

    More information on our Floorworks Service Guarantee is available in our Service Guarantee section and our Terms & Conditions.

  • Do You Charge a Deposit for Your Floor Restoration Services?

    No. We do not charge deposits for any of our wood floor restoration and wood floor maintenance services.

  • Do Your Take on Floor Sanding Jobs For Insurance Companies?

    Yes. As a reputable and trusted wood floor sanding company, many of our projects come from insurance companies. We often place specific arrangements in place to ensure that from the very beginning of our projects there is a clarity regarding who will be inspecting the floors once they have been sanded and sealed.

  • Is Gap Filling Covered By Your Service Guarantee?

    Gap filling with rasin filler on floor boards is exempt from our Service Guarantee.

    While working on the surface of your floors during floorboards sanding / repairs and endeavour to make every effort to increase its solidness, before proceeding with the gap filling, it is in fact the solidness of the floor boards, as well as the condition of its support (joists) that will defy the durability of the gap filling, not the quality of the product we use or our service.


  • What is the Validity of Your Floor Restoration Quotations?

    To reflect the current market prices, our quotations are valid fro 60 days only. Should you wish to make a booking after more than 60 days from receiving our quote, please contact a member of our team to check whether the quote is still valid or not.