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Wood Floor Repairs

Need Floor Restoration Service?

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Your wood floors are in good hands with us! Whether they have a scratch, water leak or are poorly fit, just contact a member of our team and they will be able to advice you on the best service for your floor.

With years of experience and devoted work, our floor sanding company provides you with high quality wood floor repair service not only for the domestic area but for the commercial as well. We can secure any loose floorboards and replace those that are damaged. If there are any gaps we can fill them depending on their size with either a mixture of wood dust and resin or wood slivers.

The method of installation together with the availability of given product, would make any local repair possible.

Floor Boards Repairs

Original pine floor boards is the simplest plank of all - it does not have a fitting system and is usually nailed-down. What is important there is to match the age of the pine. As a resin-rich softwood, pine shrinks with time and changes it's appearance and colour.

Our floor boards repair service comes with seasoned pine boards matching the size and age of the existing boards.

Parquet Floor Repairs

Our parquet floor repair service includes refitting of loose blocks, supply of missing and replacement of of matching parquet blocks. We do range of oak, merbau, teak, maple and pine blocks in stock.

Solid Wood Floor Repairs

Solid wood floor planks offer tongue-and-groove fitting system and are possible to replace locally, subject to spare planks available.

In order to advise of solid wood floor repairs and supply spare flooring of the same type we usually look into - wood species, width of plank and sealant finish (lacquer or oil).

Engineered Floor Repairs

Engineered floors can offer click or tongue-and-groove fitting systems. See Engineered Wood Floor Repairs for more information.