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Long lasting, hygienic, easy to clean and possessing a timeless appeal, wooden floors will always remain a valuable part of any home. However, you probably won’t manage to keep them in good condition without a reliable partner. That partner being a group of people with extensive knowledge how to preserve the wood healthy and beautiful. Maybe FloorWorks can provide exactly what you are looking for? Unfortunately, you would never know unless you call us.

Most of our services are provided to homes and our residential customer remains the one using their full diversity. Wood floor sanding, repairs, gap-filling, staining, re-oiling, re-coating and floor insulation are among the tasks we are highly proficient with.

Floor Restoration, DIY or Not?

Ironically, many of our domestic clients have tried to sand and refinish their floors by themselves. While the incentive is worthy of respect more often than not, the results are discouraging. Sanding look easy at first sight, doesn’t it? Hire a machine, read a guide or something and proceed with the task ahead. Problem is that even if you manage to find the information you truly need, you may lack the practice needed to execute it properly. It is not even about sanding alone! Refinishing is a complex process and there are so many things that can wrong. From the proper floor preparation and board repairs, to the use of wood stripping and staining techniques there is a lot to learn. If your car is in bad condition you go visit a mechanic, if your TV is not quite right you are off to see the technician and if your floor is distressed check out your local flooring expert. The renovation of wood surfaces is a craft just like all of the rest and for a good reason – not everyone can do it.

Why We Are the Right Choice?

Many flooring companies can offer their clients to perform quality sanding and restoration in their homes. Unfortunately, few can truly keep their promises. FloorWorks has a long history of satisfying its clients and continues to do so to this day. We can not only send real professionals to refinish your old wooden floors but also arm them with necessary dust-free sanding equipment to make all the process a hassle-free experience for you.