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School floors are very hard to maintain. There is a continuous traffic of students every day and no matter how hard we try to make them look better, the truth is that a floor sanding procedure must be applied every 4 to 6 months. School floor sanding is a great part of our commercial floor sanding service. We use only the specifically designed products for that purpose which will bring back the lost beauty of the school floors and keep them in that state for as long as possible.

Our floor sanding service are provided by experienced and trained floor men with professional dust-free equipment and quality products. Wood Floor Sanding Co has built an excellent reputation and we like to keep it that way. For this very reason we always consult with our clients, listen to them and try to do our job according to their wishes if the situation allows it. We pride ourselves on the good feedback provided by our customers and we know that should some other problem arises they know where to find us. Some already have.

As a dedicated school flooring contractors we understand the limitations of a school budget and few can hope to match the cost-efficiency of our work. We are also well aware that sometimes it is not enough to provide quality service but to deliver it in a convenient way. In the case of school floor restoration, this means tailoring our work schedule according to our customer’s needs. Let’s not fool ourselves, school sanding is not of those tasks which can be performed quietly in the corner. What we can guarantee, though, is minimal disruption during the school day and we don’t offer empty promises.

We Use Quality Products in Our Work!

We offer reliable and dependable sanding services for school. However, what really matters is the result. It is not only through our experience and dedication that we manage to satisfy our clients. We actually use many products from well-renowned and respected companies which ensure that once our work is done, the fruit of our labour of love remains in good condition for a long time ahead. Few pleasures can compare to the satisfaction of knowing not only that you did well but that you finished something which will last.

The right finishes we use for the procedure are either solvent- based or water-based products. For the water-based finish, the options are between Bona Traffic and Junckers HP Commercial + Friction. The design of Bona Traffic is precisely for the demands of a heavy-traffic commercial and residential hardwood floors. Its formula provides the best protection and guarantees durability. The advantage of Junckers HP Commercial is the clear finish and the ability to shows the real beauty of the natural floor.

For the schools’ sport halls we use Junckers and Bona supportive systems. The 2- component Bona Sportive waterborne 100% polyurethane finish is specifically designed for the surface treatment of wooden sports floors in both specialist and multi-purpose environments.

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