Polishing Extends The Life
of Lacquered Finish

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Cleaning & Polishing Wooden Floors

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The easiest floors to keep clean are the ones sealed with lacquer; they don't require much maintenance and their finish lasts for years. If your floors are clean, they will make your house look more spacious, livelier and more beautiful. Depending on the particular type of your wooden floors, maintenance does not differ, but some special finishes will need extra care while stains are removed.

Polishing or Floor Sanding?

Our Clean & Polish service is a maintenance service for lacquered floors. It is not a solution for floors, which have their finish worn out already, but a preventative service which will prolong the life of existing finish and add one or two extra years of use. If your floors have noticeable wearing or dullness in places, which is usually an indication of sealant wearing, the service your floors will require will be floor sanding.

Don't grab any cleaner you have, but trust the advice or service of a flooring company to help you clean and polish your wood floors. It matters what product you choose. With our Clean & Polish service you choose Bona and Junckers products. These include a range of maintenance products for professional use, including cleaners, refreshers and repair products. Bona Cleaner has new formulation for powerful, low-foaming cleaning of varnish sealed wooden floors.

For auto scrubber use or any conventional cleaning methods. pH neutral detergent which leaves no residue. While Bona Polish has two new polyurethane-enhanced formulations delivering an extremely durable surface, with a choice of Gloss or Matt finish, for sealed wooden floors. Floors which have been previously treated with polish must be sanded back to bare wood prior to applying a finish.

It is very important to remove the dirt from your hardwood floors, because they are the major reason behind floors getting scratched and scoured. You also need to make sure the hardwood floor sealing coat is intact, because the water-based solution may go through the very worn patches and damage the floor.

All floors are prone to stains, no matter if they are carpeted or hardwood. The best tool for removing stains is a very fine steel wool. Stains can be removed with the help of small amount of alcohol from clean hardwood floors, followed by polishing and buffing. The only way to get rid of persisting stains is to have your floor sanded.