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Overview of Our Wood Floor Maintenance Services

There are a number of wood floor maintenance services, all of which aim to prolong the life of the existing finish by adding an extra coat of sealant.

Wood Floor Polishing

Wood floor polishing is a maintenance procedure for lacquered floors. The correct name of the service should be "Clean & Polish", but we find that many clients refer to it as "improving" the condition of wooden floors, regardless of the means.

Well, polishing is the application of a new coat(s) of a "polish" onto floors sealed with water-based or solvent based lacquer. The polish is a product suitable only for lacquered surfaces and is not intended to be used on bare wood. Therefore, if the floors are suffering from a significant wearing, they should be sanded.

If you fear you may not be able to determine whether you need sanding or polishing, don’t worry. Our staff members and flooring experts will be able to provide information whether Clean & Polish service is applicable in given situation.

Wood Floor Re-Oiling

Re-oiling is the application of an extra coat of oil over the existing oiled finish. Is recommended every 16 to 24 months. Keep in mind that this is mostly for domestic projects. Commercial wood flooring is suffering a great amount of traffic every day and naturally the time between each re-oiling should be much less.

Preparation of the floors to take an extra coat is done by fine abrasive and the application of the oil is made with slow buffing process. Our oil based products offer matt or satin sheen.

Wood Floor Recoating

Unlike the polishing service, recoating requires the same type of lacquer to be applied over the existing one. If the identity of product remains a mystery, you better remove the old finish completely and apply a new one. Mixing different types of products can bring unexpected results. Why risk it?

Preparation of the floors to take an extra coat is done with the help of an agent mixed with the new coat of lacquer. We also use a fine abrasive to prepare the floor for the new coat to allow the wood to better absorb it.

Why Polish, Re-coat or Re-Oil?

Floor sanding is the final solution for any severely distressed surface. Some wooden floors, like engineered, can only be sanded a few times and each of them must count for something. Polishing and re-oiling can not only keeping your floor healthy and good looking, it also makes floor sanding less needed. Eventually, you have to sand because time is unforgiving but why now if you can do it later and save some money from the process?