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Hi, I am Mr Sanders and I would love to answer any questions you may have about wood floor restoration or maintenance.

  • C Broody

    Watford, 2022

    What can go wrong with DIY floor sanding?

    I have some parquet flooring, which I have decided to sand and varnsh myself. However, I have seen that sometimes blobs appear on some wooden floors, so I would appreciate it if you could advise on how to avoid this. Many thanks

    Flooring Expert
    Mr Sanders
    London, 2022


    Doing floor restoration yourself might be a tricky thing to do unless you have some sanding experience and knowledge. Floor sanding requires particular skills which can only be obtained through experience. Therefore, we always recommend leaving the sanding of your parquet flooring to the experts like FloorWorks, who are experienced in sanding different types of flooring nad have the skills to avoid costy mistakes.

    However, if you are certain that you want to give it a try, make sure that you do some research about parquet floor sanding. One particular thing that you need to be aware of is the technique of proper allication of the wood floor finish. Once floors are sanded to a smooth finish, carefully apply the first coat of varnish, allowing sufficient time for it to dry before the next application of the following coat. Sometimes, when when the floor surface was not perfectly smooth and clean before the application of varnish or in cases where the existing sealant has not been entirely removed, blobs can appear after the sanding. This might be a very expensive thing to ractify as it would require an entire re-sanding and re-varnishing of the floors. Bear in mind that if your parquet flooring has already been sanded in the past, there might be a limited opportunity to re-sand agai, which may mean that an overall replacement of the flooring might be required.

    Therefore, it is always recommended to leave the parquet floor sanding to a professional sanding company like {{ organisation:name }}.

  • N Parker

    Surrey, 2015

    Can you repair parquet flooring if blocks are missing?


    My parquet flooring is in a need of restoration, but a fair bit of the area would also need repair as some of the parquet blocks are badly damaged. I have sourced some reclaimed parquet blocks, which look similar to my flooring, but they have black bitumen so I am not sure if they can be re-used?

    Flooring Expert
    Mr Sanders
    London, 2015

    Hi and thank you for contacting us regarding parquet floor restoration and repair.

    We regularly restore and repair parquet flooring where blocks are missing or damaged. In such cases we always try to source reclaimed or new parquet blocks which match the size of the existing flooring. If the parquet blocks that you have sourced have bitumen residue, however, we would not recommend their use simply because removing the bitumen is a very difficult and time consuming thing to do, which makes the whole process of parquet floor restoration very expensive. Therefore, we would advise you to use new parquet flooring instead or to contact a professional parquet floor restoration company like Floorworks to do this for you.

  • S Ridge

    Romford, 2014

    Can you remove fireplace hearth & extend my parquet flooring?

    My parquet flooring needs sanding and varnishing, but in one of the rooms I have a fireplace which I want to remove and replace with similar parquet blocks. Can this be done?

    Flooring Expert
    Mr Sanders
    London, 2014

    Hi and thank you for your question regarding parquet flooring restoration and fireplace heart removal.

    Fireplace removal and parquet floor extension with matching parquet blocks is definitely something we can help with. Once the fireplace heart is removed, we will restitch the parquet flooring and once sanded  and revarnish the floors will be left with an uniform appearance as if the fireplace had never been there before.