Advice for Wooden Stairs Sanding & Restoration

Often when we think about the process of wood sanding and refinishing we picture wooden floors rather than anything else. However, it is worth recognizing that other areas, such as wooden stairs can also be sanded and restored. It is true that an attractive or well-kept floor can make a good impression, but every other detail also matters, such as the stairs.

Generally, stairs are exposed to heavier foot traffic than the floors. Consequently, the stairs begin to wear down quickly and thus need some regular attention in order to maintain their shine and beauty. Restoration of wooden stairs is often done together with other wood floor areas, as this avoids the need of separate preparation and arrangements.

Wooden Stairs Restoration - Step by Step Guide

Similarly to wood floor sanding, stairs restoration often begins with wooden floor repairs, should any of the steps require re-fitting or boards replacement.  We also always ensure that there are no protruding nails, which can damage the sanding equipment.

Moreover, staircases require precision and delicate touch compared to the regular wooden floor. Our technician use an edge sander to ensure that all areas are reached and properly sanded. It is also sometimes necessary to fill any gaps or areas between the stairs and the walls before the final stage of floor sealing. If staining is required, then this is done after the sanding process on the smoothly prepared surface. Our recommended wood floor stains include those from Morrells as they offer a wide range of colors with proven qualities over time.

Finally, stairs are usually sealed with several coats of hardwearing commercial grade varnish to ensure that they can withstand a lot of traffic for many years to come. For our wooden stairs restoration projects we rely on renown wood floor varnishes such as Bona Traffic and Junckers HP Commercial for ultimate results and durability.

Last, but not least, regular wood floor maintenance is essential for any wooden stairs. Using the appropriate wood floor cleaners such as Bona Wood Floor Cleaner and regular re-coating will ensure that your beautiful stairs can stay protected for much longer.