Benefits of the Oil & Hardwax-Oils

Choosing the best sealant for your floors might be a difficult decision with so many products available on the market today. Wooden floors can be sealed with either varish or oil. While varnishes create a ticker and more durable sealant, there are some important advantages of oils and hardwax oils that are worth considering.

Why Choose Oiled Wooden Floors?

Oils, in general, are natural products that penetrate and nourish wood, especially those that harden by oxidation. Ecologically, they are more environmentally friendly and, in addition, they do not create a film or welding effect when applied. In short, they respond better to the global concept of wood flooring as a natural product.

With proper cleaning and maintenance, oiled floors can maintain a perfect appearance regardless of the traffic to which it is exposed. In the case of having to perform local repairs, these can be executed without sanding the entire surface since the oil allows applications without appreciating the transition between repaired areas.

Of course, the natural aspect of the wood reaches its maximum splendor provided that the correct cleaning is used and the right oil is applied to the concrete wood (not all oils behave the same with all wood floors) and in the appropriate dosages indicated by the maker.

The oil highlights the structures of the wood and creates a feel that is very soft to the touch and gives a more rough and natural appearance. Depending on the usage of the floors, regular buffing and re-oiling is important to maintain the wood well protected. One of the greatest advantages of an oiled floor is that small scratches are not as noticeable as in lacquered floors mainly because of the more rough and less shiny appearance of oiled floors. The oiled floors have a richer and deeper colour, compared to a lacquered or waxed floor.

Hard wax oil provides a deep impregnation finish on almost all types of wooden floors. It is made from vegetable oils and natural waxes. In the treatment of parquet flooring, plank flooring, and natural cork, it emphasizes the essential properties and appearance of natural materials. Hard wax oil is extremely water repellent and can withstand wine, beer, soft drinks, coffee, tea, fruit juice, and milk. Both oil and hard wax oil for wood floors are available in different colors/pigments.

It is important to find the right oil and hard wax oil to the right type of floor. The used oil varies according to the manufacturer. In many cases, different types of oils are mixed to obtain a sustainable and affordable alternative. A very good option of wood oil is flaxseed oil in a correctly refined condition. It is also a totally natural oil, with an ecological character.

There are oils with pigment and oils without pigment, the one you choose depends on your taste, but choosing the right one can be a little complicated since there are many variants available. Hard wax additives can be good for protecting surfaces, exposed to moisture and dirt, and in turn, can be used as protection for any other type of oiled wood floor.