Choosing between Varnishing or Oiling Your Wooden Floors

Natural wood flooring is a preferred choice of floor covering mainly because of its appealing appearance, natural feel and long-lasting durability. Wooden floors are an excellent choice for any home or commercial premises such as shops, offices, restaurants and schools.  Another great advantage of wooden floorings is their relatively easy cleaning and maintenance. There are different types of wood floor finishes on the market today, but hey are grouped in two main categories – varnishes and oils. You can choose the wood floor finishes based on your needs and budget.

About oil and varnish wood floor finishes

The oil finish is amongst the most common wood surface finishes. It is simple to apply and creates a stunning natural appearance on wooden floors. Oiling wooden floors is relatively easy to do, even as a DIY project and allows for local repair and scratches to be managed easily. The disadvantage of oiled floors, however, is that they need more frequent re-oiling in order to maintain the sealant intact. Oil is a less durable sealant than varnish.

The varnish is used to seal on the wood, creating a durable protective layer on top of the natural timber. The varnish finish is more durable and needs less maintenance. You don’t need to  re-varnish the wood floor frequently. However, once scratched and damaged, varnished floors need overall wooden floor sanding to rectify the scratches.

The oils and varnish sealants create different feel and appearance. The oiled floors offer natural appearance. The varnished floor provides a shinier look. Every finish has unique benefits so you can choose the wood finish according to your choice.

Application Procedure

Applying the varnish requires skills and experience as it is a more complicated process. You must spread varnish with the brush on the floor. Oil finish is easier to apply on the floor when compared to the varnish..

Benefits of oil and varnish finishes

The oil finish provides a more natural look to the floor. It brings out the timber beauty and grain. You can easily repair the surface scratches. It needs regular maintained that keep the floor clean and refresh. The varnish wood floor is a stronger and more durable seal on the wooden surface. It provides a shiny look to the floor.