Floor Sanding - DIY or Hire a Professional Sanding Company

Floor sanding is not a cheap service and therefore people often wonder if they can do it themselves.  While it is sometimes possible for people with general knowledge in floor maintenance to do sanding themselves, floor sanding remains a complicated process that is often left to the professionals.

And there comes those who ask whether they should be hiring some kind of professionals to do the Floor sanding for themselves given they have little to no knowledge at all. The main thing here is that you must know a thing or two to go with the DIY of this project, otherwise, it is better to leave it to the professionals to take care of.

DIY Floor Sanding

If you have decided to do the wood floor restoration yourself, is important to know some of the basics. You need to familiarize yourself with the specifics of the timber, whether it is oak, pine, merbau or any other species.  Each timber requires specific approach to both sanding and varnishing. Pine floors for example are best varnished, rather than oiled, as pine is a soft wood, which absorbs the oil.

You also need to have some knowledge about the wood floor sanding process in order to remove just the right amount of wood from the top layer. This is particularly important if you are planning to do engineered flooring sanding as it only has a thin layer of natural wood and can be easily damaged by someone who is not very well familiar with wood floor restoration.

Last, but not least, you need to get some ideas about the different types of floor sealants before you deicide whether to varnish or oil your wooden floors. Bear in mind that even if you have done the sanding right, you can ruin the whole project if you cannot apply the sealant in the right way. This may even mean that you would need to sand the whole floor down again. And if this happens to floors that are near to the end of their usability, this may even mean that you may need to replace the flooring all together.

Professional Floor Sanding

Getting a professional floor sanding company means that you are putting all of the above risks aside and you are taking a more secure and reasonable approach.

Floor sanding companies are well equipped with the specific equipment required for best results. Most professionals will have dust free sanding machines, which minimizes the mess and dust that a sanding process can create. Even if something goes wrong, professional floor sanding companies are better prepared to rectify things quicker and cheaper.

With the huge variety of floor finishing products available today, a professional floor sander would be best placed to advice you on the most suitable sealant for your floors, ensuring best effects and durability.  

We at FloorWorks would be happy to provide dedicated wood floor restoration service at affordable cost should you decide to place the maintenance of your floors in the hands of a professional floor sanding company rather than do it yourself.