How to Maintain Your Lacquered Wooden Floor

Regular cleaning and care of a wooden floor is the best way to highlight the beauty of your floors and to always look new. Follow our recommendations to be able to enjoy a clean wood floor and like the first day for a long time.

The varnish on wooden floors is one of the most common treatments. The varnish or lacquer has different levels of sheen - matt, satin and gloss. A varnished floor provides good resistance to abrasion, wear, and chemicals. It is important that you clean and maintains the varnished wood floors correctly.

We recommend the following:

Protecting wooden floors is easy. With regular cleaning dust and dirt is cleaned before the finish is scratched, wear and lose its shine. Always avoid excess water when cleaning your floors. In case of spillage of (food or drink), immediately clean the floor to avoid damage or permanent stains.

It is convenient to sweep the wooden floor or to vacuum frequently. Bona has more than 90 years of professional experience in wood floors. With us, you can be sure that you are doing the right thing so that your hardwood floors last in perfect condition throughout their useful life. Read more about how to care for the floors of your home.

You can use the Bona Dust Pad to remove dust and lint, and then clean your feet with the Bona Wood Floor Cleaner. This cleaner with a neutral pH is specially formulated to achieve the best result. You can also use the Bona Spray Mop, just spray and you are done. The Bona mop and its cleaning accessories are resistant, effective and easy to use. The mop parts can be washed up to 300 times in the washing machine and can be used both wet and dry to trap dust.

Bona Spray Mop for wood floors is a mop that directly pulverizes the cleaner to your floors and allows you to clean and maintain your wooden floor in the blink of an eye, it’s that easy. It is ergonomic and easy to assemble, but above all, easy to use. Its refillable cartridge with Bona wood floor cleaner was specially designed by Bona to clean your floors and protect them from dirt.

Do not use “multipurpose” cleaners on wooden floors, as they usually leave a matte residue and your cleaning system uses a lot of water, which can damage your wood floors.

If your wooden floors have lost their shine or have small scratches, you can use the Bona Restorer to revive them. Polish and refresher add luster to dull wooden floors and act as a protective layer against wear and tear. If the wooden floor has been placed in an area where there is a good chance of spilling water, such as a kitchen or bathroom, apply a restorer to add a layer of protection to new wood floors. The restorer can be applied when necessary, but the usual is a few times a year. Always make sure that the wooden floor is clean before reapplying the product.