Natural Unfinished Timber Look for Your Wooden Floors

Wooden floors enhance the elegance of your home. It also increases the value of your property. You might have heard wooden floors that have a good natural unfinished timber like look or appearance actually embellish your home aesthetics. However, how to give natural unfinished timber look for your wooden floors? Well, in this article, we are going to tell you about it.

In order to do this, you need specifically manufactured products such as “Bona Mega Natural” and “Bona Traffic Natural.” When you want to give your wooden floor a natural look or feeling, then among the sophisticated products, Bona Mega Natural stands out.

Applying this product after the wooden floors sanding process, produces a rich and subtle tone that is quite noticeable on wooden floors (lighter). Such wooden floors are often treated with light stains or whitening primers. In addition, Bona Mega Natural is suitable for use on wood floors with much higher traffic areas in the domestic properties.

How to prepare your wood floor before applying the Bona Natural Primer?

This product is highly recommended by specialists who suggest that you need to prime the floor before applying this product. This makes sure even coverage and application with the best possible bond with the wood floors to reduce the prospects of peeling and cracking as well as the best possible strength. Moreover, Bona Natural Primer likewise maintains/sustains the natural, bare wood look.

The next product that we want to present to you is the “Bona Traffic Natural.” This product is useful for the protection of wood floors. Likewise, it can preserve the feel and look of the pure wood. In contrast to conventional lacquers, you will see that the surface is more like finely, raw sanded wood. In order to accomplish a perfect effect, you can use the Bona White Primer in combination with the Bona Traffic Natural. The manufacturers of this product have worked substantially for years to produce a unique formula, which ensures reliable, durable, and excellent results that last longer.

As mentioned previously, Bona Traffic Natural preserves the feel and look of the pure wood. It has excellent protection properties for both residential, commercial, and public areas. You can use this product easily and safely. Furthermore, the product has a licensed EC1R (classified), which provides significant protection against indoor air pollution and high emissions.

Wrapping things up, both Bona Mega Natural and Bona Traffic Natural are the best products available in the market today. Both are used widely by expert technicians to give your floors an elegant look, which will correspondingly feel very natural. Both products are made from the combination of hard wax, water-based paints, and wood oil.

Lastly, sometimes, technicians also use these products for the surface treatment for repair of the wood floors in commercial buildings, especially, when such buildings are heavily loaded. So, we highly recommend these products to you if you are really interested in giving your wooden floors a good elegant look.