Teak Parquet Flooring Restoration with Colour Matched Pine Feature

Floor sanding of parquet flooring in Greenwich

Before the works…

The teak parquet flooring in this Greenwich home was in desperate need of renovation. During our free home survey, we did thorough inspection of the floors and discussed with the client all possible options. Our client has decided to go for gap filling, some minor repairs, staining of a feature section within the parquet flooring made of pine floorboards.

How we did it…

The flooring restoration begins with detailed inspection of the floors and any parquet flooring repairs are completed where blocks are missing or movement is noticed. In this project approx. we have refitted approx. 2 sqm of parquet flooring.

Parquet flooring restoration requires years of experience, skills and the right floor sanding equipment. Depending on the overall condition of the floors, the initial parquet floor sanding may start with coarser or medium grid. The task of the stage if not only to remove the previous finish and get the floors to bare wood, but also to provide a good level throughout the entire floor. Some older floors may require more thorough work at this time.

Next stage in the process of parquet floor restoration was the application of the gap filling. We aim apply resin filler in the end of the working day, so it settles properly overnight and we can repeat on following day, if in some places this is required. Gap filling is highly recommended for parquet blocks, as the resin filler reduces gaps and keep moisture away from the base, therefore increasing the solidness and the lifespan of the flooring.

Gap filling is after that removed by next stages of the floor sanding process in medium grids.

Sanding the floors with fine grids (80 - 120 gr) and a good rotary buff to the teak timber surface with high grid buffing screens is the most important stage in the preparation of the parquet flooring for finishing.

A number of colour samples were provided on a sanded surface to colour match the teak parquet flooring with the pine feature section, prior to application and finishing the floors. The client decided to go with matt lacquer.

Floors were consequently sealed with 3 coats of Bona Mega water-based lacquer in matt sheen with another light screen buff between the coats, for excellent final touch to the finish.