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Scratch Repair Service

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Accidents do happen, so don’t worry it your wood floor has any signs of scratches, spills or scuffs. No matter how good you are maintaining it, it is always prone to that unpleasant condition. There is a cure for your floor’s damaged surface. Find an experienced wood flooring company and let them do their job without any concerns.

What Causes Scratching?

Why repair already existing scratches when you can prevent their existence in the first place? Of course, no amount of care can truly remedy this problem but it never hurts to be prepared, right?

Dirt and debris are one of the main reasons for scratching. It isn’t hard to guess that the dirt particles are brought from the outside by pets, visitors or even a simple puffs of wind. There are a few basic things you can do to limit the amount of dirt. Sometimes it isn’t enough to clear just the inside but the outside as well. A simple sweep around the entryway can have a surprisingly good effect and it is such a simple thing to do! Moreover, you can use rugs and mats to cover high traffic areas. They will contain the undesired elements and prevent the ensure less scratching.

High-heels. Any kind of shoe can bring dirt into your home. Taking them off before entering is a very nice idea. You can always offer your guests a pair of slippers without feeling embarrassed. Normal shoes aren’t even that bad actually. High-heels are a nightmare, though. It’s not even the dirt, it is the heel itself that is the problem. This type of footwear distributes the weight of the person unevenly and is often the cause for some of the worst, deepest scratches. For the good of your wooden floor, don’t allow them in your home!

Furniture can put an enormous pressure on your wooden floors. One moment, one sudden movement and the scratch is there. The best way to deal with this is to use pads and glides to lessen the strain put on the boards. Trust us, it works!

Pets and their claws are another issues. Generally, wood floors and pets don’t co-exist very well especially if the animal has little “accidents” from time to time. Sometimes even sanding isn’t enough to remove such a stain. However, trimming your pet’s claws can prolong the life of the wood and delay the inevitable sanding.

How to Deal with Scratches

Light scratches are different from the deep one and require another approach when it comes to dealing with them. If you are indeed dealing with just a small light scratch,  simply rub fine wool over it and make sure to rub it along the grain of the wood or else you will end up having more scratches. For those that go deeper in the timber, there are various ways of re-sealing and masking them. Keep in mind that the best way to repair scratches on a hardwood floor is to simply buff it. If the scratches are too deep even this won’t be enough and sanding is the only solution left!

If you would like to book this service, please send us via e-mail some pictures of the damaged floor. It would be very helpful to inform us when the floor was last refinished or fitted and what was the original finish oil or lacquer. A member of our team would be happy to advice you and book the appropriate service for you if you call us on 020 38838044. We offer free site visit and quotations!