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The Floor Finishes Used in Our Floor Sanding Services

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Our restoration flooring services come with carefully selected quality, low VOC finishes. They include popular professional brands like Bona, Loba, Junckers, Osmo, Blanchon and more.

Bona Mega

Bona Floor FinishesBona Mega is the oxygen-crosslinking and waterborne floor finish, which is used on residential and commercial floors. It is the leading waterborne finish of the world, providing exceptional beauty, durability, and value. The innovative formulation of this product offers a great performance of two-component finish, which gives protection against scuffs and spills.

We use Bona Mega because there requires no “Mixing.” This means that we can use it conveniently from the bottle. Another reason we use this floor sanding and refinishing is that it is an ideal and versatile for wood floors in smaller shops, offices, hotel rooms, and a premium choice for houses. We also use it for planks as well as floors with underfloor heating.

Bona Traffic

For a two-part product, Bona Traffic is easy to mix! This product gets dry to the touch in three hours. However, we recommend waiting for at least 72 hours before you walk on it or place any type of furniture. Bona Traffic levels well, which means that marks from rollers, applicator pads, and brushes disappear quickly.

Our professionals are very keen on using Bona Traffic because it is resistant and tough to general wear and scratches. The formula is very clear when dry and resistant to yellowing. We expect 300-400 square feet of floor coverage per gallon. So, when determining how much we will need, we keep in mind that Bona Company recommends two quotes of Bona Traffic.

Junckers HP Commercial

Junckers HP CommercialJunkers is a quality two-component, water-based polyurethane lacquer. Our qualified professionals use it in very high traffic areas. It is scuff resistant and exceptionally durable. Likewise, it is non-yellowing, fast curing, as well as ready for the use the following day. Juncker's HP commercial is mixed with the HP Hardener before use in order to produce much better results. We use it for the maintenance of wooden floors in high traffic areas as well as surface treatment of sanded/untreated wooden flooring in commercial areas.

Loba Viva

Loba Viva is a water-based finish for wooden floors, which is used for normal and heavy traffic commercial and residential areas. It is an excellent finish for renovation. We use it because it provides optimal chemical and abrasion resistance. Likewise, it has good resistance to heel marks, and for the plasticizers from parquet adhesives. Moreover, it is suitable for hardwood and parquet floors.

Loba Fusion 2K

It is two-component finish based on resins with accurately good final hardness. It has elasticity and also provides excellent chemical resistance. It is used in stress zone, for instance, normal to high traffic residential areas. This lacquer offers good application rate and ease of use. Moreover, it provides excellent wear resistance and good performance/price ratio.

Osmo Polyx Hardwax-Oil

Osmo Polyx Oil is premium grade, highly versatile oil for interior wood floors. It is perfect for doors, kitchen worktops, and wooden floors. Likewise, it provides durable, tough, and water repellent finish. It has scuff and scratch resistant while protecting against spills. Moreover, it can be easily renovated and maintained. It does not flake, crack, peel, and blister. It also dries to clear and natural finish in a wide range of sheen levels.

Blanchon Hardwax-Oil

It is a good solvent hard wax oil for worktops, wooden flooring, furniture, as well as plywood, solid wood, and cork. The main advantage of Blanchon Hardwax-oil penetrates into the surface in order to provide long-lasting protection, while preserving the natural beauty of wood. It also provides high durability and elasticity.